Leading Brexiteer Mr Johnson is the favourite to win the Tory leadership election and is likely therefore to be the next UK Prime Minister. His Eurosceptic credentials date back decades and has previously made it clear he did not like the EU dictating what and when Britons should eat. He added that the Single Market subsidises olive oil and therefore “betrays” New Zealand and its butter.

According to Politico, he said in 2013: “First they make us pay in taxes for Greek olive groves, many of which probably don’t exist.

“Then they sat we can’t dip our bread in olive oil in restaurants.

“We didn’t join the Common Market – betraying the New Zealanders and their butter – in order to be told when, where and how we must eat the olive oil we have been forced to subsidise.”

Mr Johnson’s comments touch on what has been central to the Brexit debate – whether the UK should be in control of its own trade agreements.

Remainers claim that the UK benefits from zero tariffs in the Single Market and the many trade agreements the bloc has with the rest of the world.

Meanwhile, Leavers argue the UK outside the EU could strike up trade agreements as it pleases.

One suggestion for a post-EU trading bloc is CANZUK which would consist of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

All these countries and former settler colonies of the British Empire and people of British ethnic origins make up a majority of the population.

New Zealand in fact has the largest proportion of people outside the UK and its Overseas Territories who self-identify as being ethnically British, which is 59 percent.

Mr Johnson has asserted that, should he win the Tory leadership, he will take the UK out of the EU by the October 31 deadline – deal or no deal.

The former Foreign Secretary claimed all the UK needs is the “guts and courage” to achieve this.

However, his rival for the top job, current Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, has also said he would be willing to leave the EU with no deal, but insisted it should be a last resort.

The former London mayor stormed through the initial rounds of the election, securing far more MP votes than any other contender, but now he must win over the Tory membership.

The latest Ladbrokes odds on the next Tory Leader have Mr Johnson at ⅛ and Mr Hunt on 5/1.

Mr Johnson’s backers in the Commons include former Brexit Secretaries David Davis and Dominic Raab, Health Secretary Matt Hancock, European Research Group chairman Jacob Rees-Mogg and former Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson.

Meanwhile, Mr Hunt has secured support from Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd, International Trade Secretary Liam Fox, Business Secretary Greg Clark and Defence Secretary Penny Mordaunt.

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Source: Express

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